Three girls and a goose

Three girls and a goose

7 chapters / 3266 words

Approximately 16 minutes to read


©2012 If you are looking for a story that makes you feel warm hearted, and full of cheer, you have come to the wrong place. This book has no happy beginning, no happy middle, and no happy ending. So, I highly suggest you leave now, before you crumple up into a ball and start sobbing in your sleep.

Still here, I presume? Ah, I see. That's fine, I get it. You're just one of those types of people. Not that I am nearly as upset as you will be after you are done finishing this story. Just let me remind you.. This is no laughing matter.


Drama, Novel, Steampunk



over 1 year ago Alexandr Lukin said:

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about 5 years ago Sarah Emily Green said:

I like this :) I only read the first chapter (due to shortage of time), but what I did read was AMAZING!



about 5 years ago Wolfie123 said:

I can see where people are coming from with the Lemony Snicket thing, especially the warning at the start! He was a British author, however, so I'm not surprised you didn't know of him. It'd be like you not knowing who Derren Brown or Steven Fry are, perfectly normal :) However the story was very well written and mysterious, for some reason I envisioned the guard as Sacha Baron Cohen in Hugo (, you almost perfectly described him! Brilliant story all in all, consider it hearted :)


about 5 years ago Isabel J. said:

The plot is great and so is our writing style!



over 3 years ago anonymous said:

Also a few grammar mistakes using the words "passed" and "pasted." "Pasted" isn't a word, unless you are pasting with glue (which wasn't how the verb was being used.) And "passed" was used instead of what should have been "past."


over 3 years ago anonymous said:

Creative story, but there is one incident where you once say Vancouver Drive and another time say Vancouver Street, which is somewhat confusing but an understandable mistake. Happy writing!