Megan's Bridge

Megan's Bridge

1 chapter / 499 words

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My entry for the Seventeen Fiction contest. A story of a love lost, reminiscing on times of the past. *650 heart goal!* Please heart/comment! I can't believe I've made top 10, whether I maintain it or not. Nor did I think I'd ever get 600 hearts on ANYTHING. Thank you guys so much, it honestly means the world to me! Cover made exclusively by my friend, Kayla.(Including the picture). I really need the money for college!
Why I wrote this:
My point in this is testing people. I read this in front of a class, and all of the girls were completely in love with the story. They were on the edge of their seats, some with tears in their eyes. Until I got to the end. And there was silence.
So my question is; why is a story of loss suddenly so uninteresting when the characters are of the same gender? Should it really matter so much? Why could there not have been applause, rather than a shocked silence.
Every day I try to push the boundaries of what society views as acceptable, here is just another example of that.
Why I'm not fixing the I/her tense confusion: Although adding a name would make this fixed immediately, I feel leaving it out makes it seem more personal, and enigmatic in a way. It's quickly cleared up in the next few sentences, and I feel like that moment of confusion is worth it in the long run.


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about 3 years ago KuroNeko (JFO) said:

It might be short but while I was read, I was fighting the tears forming in my eyes. *In class at the moment and was curious about reading this* X3


over 3 years ago Wendy Burt-Thomas said:

So sad! And it probably hits so close to home for so many. (I'm excited to hear that the military is at least finally starting to change the rules for gay and lesbian partners in terms of rights. Unfortunately, they can't make the families accept partners.)Beautiful love story. I have a 2-minute teen lesbian story if you're up for it. It's called "The Devil's Hat Trick." Thanks.


over 3 years ago Sidra Baig said:

I would love if you read my short story, " The Mud House"


over 3 years ago Sidra Baig said:

please tell me this is more than a short story. This left me with goose bumps. Especially the ending. Good job



over 3 years ago Rich Kolasa said:

This is a really heartfelt piece, and I like your style. It's well constructed, and the pace is set just right I think. My only suggestion would be a bit more description in the smaller details. An example would be at the beginning, where you state that 'the wind blows wildly, causing the many be carried...' I would like to feel that as a reader. It would add to the emotion, I think.

Keep up the good work.


over 3 years ago carrera noelscher said:

hi i just wanted to say that i loved this story. the fact that some people are sidetracked by such a minor thing in the grand scheme of you story kind of disgusts me. your story is great and i wish you luck in the contest.