Megan's Bridge

Megan's Bridge

1 chapter / 499 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


My entry for the Seventeen Fiction contest. A story of a love lost, reminiscing on times of the past. *650 heart goal!* Please heart/comment! I can't believe I've made top 10, whether I maintain it or not. Nor did I think I'd ever get 600 hearts on ANYTHING. Thank you guys so much, it honestly means the world to me! Cover made exclusively by my friend, Kayla.(Including the picture). I really need the money for college!
Why I wrote this:
My point in this is testing people. I read this in front of a class, and all of the girls were completely in love with the story. They were on the edge of their seats, some with tears in their eyes. Until I got to the end. And there was silence.
So my question is; why is a story of loss suddenly so uninteresting when the characters are of the same gender? Should it really matter so much? Why could there not have been applause, rather than a shocked silence.
Every day I try to push the boundaries of what society views as acceptable, here is just another example of that.
Why I'm not fixing the I/her tense confusion: Although adding a name would make this fixed immediately, I feel leaving it out makes it seem more personal, and enigmatic in a way. It's quickly cleared up in the next few sentences, and I feel like that moment of confusion is worth it in the long run.


Drama, Romance, Writing
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almost 5 years ago Rich Kolasa said:

This is a really heartfelt piece, and I like your style. It's well constructed, and the pace is set just right I think. My only suggestion would be a bit more description in the smaller details. An example would be at the beginning, where you state that 'the wind blows wildly, causing the many be carried...' I would like to feel that as a reader. It would add to the emotion, I think.

Keep up the good work.


almost 5 years ago carrera noelscher said:

hi i just wanted to say that i loved this story. the fact that some people are sidetracked by such a minor thing in the grand scheme of you story kind of disgusts me. your story is great and i wish you luck in the contest.