The Last of the Greats

The Last of the Greats

1 chapter / 469 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


My opinion of the world today.



about 1 year ago Jessica LaForge said:

This is amazing, I love the way you channeled your thoughts, I wrote a similar piece and I really enjoy reading poems that I can relate to


almost 5 years ago Jennifer said:

Really nice poem. It's similar to the one I wrote for the contest as well. The rhymning is good, and the message is poweful!


almost 5 years ago Shirley Lu said:

love your story! swap maybe? please read "a successful investigation" and heart it if you like it! thanks!


almost 5 years ago Kennedy Jones said:

Hey, great story. I hearted it! Think you could read/heart my story "Torren Apart"? I would love to hear your feedback.



about 5 years ago ~Soleil~(Keezheekoni) said:

A simple comment will not do, nor a simple review... I am writing this to you in hoopes you realize you are not alone for your proud speech has inspired me to write my own. I may not be able to reach your greatness, your talent, your beauty but I can achieve to inspire those who cannot find inspiration. My dear friend that I do not know but hopefully one day have a chance to talk to...I take this time to thank you for writing a pieace that has no words to describe. I have to say farewell and goodbye... but I hope you enjoy my pieace that I am going to write. Thank you! Sincerely, Soleil