Labels and Love.

Labels and Love.

5 chapters / 4966 words

Approximately 25 minutes to read


Riley Cooper is your typical nerd. She makes good grades, constantly gets bullied, isn't very popular, and is in love with the school jock, Kiefer Evans. She never thought that maybe the school jock was in love with her, too ... and it all started with a letter.


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over 2 years ago ☂Lexie L. Camden☂ said:

Please I need an update. This is really good!


almost 3 years ago Sammi said:

HONESTLY this is one of my faves and it hasn't been updated in forever but I'm holding out hope!!!

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almost 4 years ago Shammi said:

Amazing piece! :D


about 4 years ago Jo said:




about 5 years ago abbey anne said:

They way you played this idea out was very cute. I liked how the boy wrote her back. I do think the idea you have here is way to over used and very cliché. I have nothing against you, and what your starting here, I just find that maybe using the jock + nerd antic is not really original. I find that using the letter thing though did kind of add something a little different to the table. I really hope I’m not raining on your parade right now, just merely expressing how I feel.

Overall you had great grammar and emotions, and think you could continue it. A suggestion, instead of giving them labels-like jock and nerd, just simply call them their names. People we be able to pick up how cool or un-cool they are without you starting off the book with labels.

Very great job, and I can’t wait for more:)

Forever a fan of your writing,