Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

8 chapters / 36032 words

Approximately about 3 hours to read


A girl losses her parents in a car wreck, her parents leave behind they're family. Leaving Mia, (the oldest daughter) to take care of Bailey, (her youngest sister).


Writing, Fantasy, Novel


almost 5 years ago Maeko Nagatani SweetnWild said:

I read the first chapter(and will the rest when I can sit down and concentrate) and really liked it. There were some grammatical and spelling errors that I saw, if you'd like me to make a list of them just let me know :) Great job overall and I know It's just gonna get better ;) And thank you for reading Red Hot Chills :) Keep up the good work.


almost 5 years ago Rebecca Bamford said:

I read the first chapter and found it interesting, you portrays your characters emotions perfectly and I think it's a great story :)


almost 5 years ago Juliet Hurwitz said:

Awww this is sad at parts :( But overall it was very good! :)


almost 5 years ago Hosanna Hope Boesche said:

I could only read a little bit of it but I really liked it and will be comming back to read more when I can. Good job.



over 2 years ago Maeko.the.mafia.boss said:

This is me doing my side of the swap. First of all, loving the cover. It drew me in!

This is really good, I'm at school so I didn't read it all at once, I read about half of the first chapter, then the other half so now I've completed the first chapter.

It seems really good, a cute beginning. A bit drawn-out and wordy, which might just be me but you might want to consider shortening things so that people don't get bored or overwhelmed and end up closing it out.

Overall its really great, an interesting read and a beautiful cover!!!


about 5 years ago L.R. said:

There are a few grammatical errors (sorry, i cant remember them, otherwise i would list them) but there are some fragments (remember to add a subject) and a few run-on sentences (which make it a little confusing at time to read.) but this is great! good emotions. deserves the heart.