Dear Natalie,

Dear Natalie,

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This is a poem for my best friend Natalie. We've been friends since the 5th grade and this is my poem to her that lets her know how i feel


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over 6 years ago Beetle said:

Wonderful! So lucky to have a friend like this one.


over 6 years ago Roberta H. Shapiro said:

That's really, really sad and full of mixed feelings all at once. There were some grammatical errors/misuse of words (your->you're, missing commas, etc.), but it didn't interfere with the meaning. Great job!!!!!


over 6 years ago V said:

Wow, this is great, i have a poem like this to, Bestfriends are the greatest! I can tell she means alot to you, she seems like a great bestfriend! Good job!


over 6 years ago Zoe Schenck said:

I love this! Nat sounds like an awesome friend. You had me crying over here! I absolutly love this!



over 6 years ago Lacey Adams said:

she sounds like the best friend in the world! I think we all have friends like that- she clearly means the world to you- i have a friend like this- and some of these things are exactly what i would say to her- but now we go to two different highschools and we don't see eachother that much- but we are still the best of friend, like you two