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*PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING* I don't want this to seem like I only wrote this to look good because I didn't, I wrote this poem for my little sister. She is a really amazing person and a huge inspiration to so many people but she doesn't notice it. I've been trying to get this poem noticed because when I show it to her, I want her to see how amazing people think she is. I would really appreciate it if people also put words of encouragement for her on this page for her as well as critiquing my work.


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over 2 years ago Katherine A. said:

This was wonderful!! Your sister is lucky to have you. One thing she should always know is that someone loves her. It is hard sometimes to realize that. I know that myself. She seems like she tries to do everything herself and wants to take care of others to forget about herself. I know that same feeling. Tell her for me that being strong isn't always about being untouchable to pain, sometimes being strong is letting others know what is wrong and letting them help you. It took me a long time to realize that and has made me hurt a lot. Don't let her be like me. Also, if it helps, my name is Freya too.


almost 5 years ago ThatWeirdGirl said:

wow I really liked it... Your sister sounds like a really great person, give her a hug for me!


about 5 years ago Nerezza said:

Pretty well written and candid too. I can see that you meant this with all of your heart. Your sis seems like a really great person to even know. Give her a hug from all of us!


about 5 years ago John Juliano said:

Very very touching. This little piece is so sweet, and so powerfully communicates the deep feelings you have for your sister. I am glad You asked me to read it. Thank you, as well, for reading war of the shadows. I am glad you enjoyed it.



about 5 years ago Tiva said:

‘that some one of your age shouldn’t of been’ – ‘that someone of your age shouldn’t have been’ ‘but in so many ways you already have’ – ‘strive’ is the last verb you used, so this implies ‘you already have striven,’ instead of that she’s already become something. Maybe put something to the effect that ‘you already have changed’/elaborate the current sentence.

This is lovely and touching.

Go you for being so supportive of your little sister! As someone to whom the descriptors here also apply to, I can say that we’re reeeally short-sighted when it comes to personal achievements (‘pff, it’s not THAT big of a deal’…right). There’s a difference between a big ego (arrogance) and realism (humility), but taking responsibility for affecting people’s lives feels so much like egotism that it’s embarrassing to own up to it/seems so beyond what you think you’re capable of that it can’t be possible – hence the denial. She’s just got to realize that she is indeed that fabulous. :3 I’m still working on it, hahaha.


about 5 years ago Nicolle Weinstein said:

Love this. Love it soooo much. I can really relate to this poem, and I think that a lot of others could, too. The message really pulls through, and the picture is painted yet subtle enough that the words stand out. Thank you for this poem!