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What a serene reality - her own secret garden that makes her believe in color. She bounces from foster home to foster home with nothing of her own, and finds her strength in a beautiful, surreal dream she carries with her.



over 4 years ago teatotalbooks said:

Wow....Simply wondeful :) I am not even kidding, I'm acctually in awe.


almost 5 years ago Erin Burr said:

Magical. Interesting what the brain can do. Hearted. I'd appreciate it if you'd read my story Sociology and heart if deserved.


almost 5 years ago Jacqueline Gaughan said:

I really enjoyed reading your story! It was amazing! It was one of the best stories I have read! I hearted yours. If you want to swap my story is called "Accidental Impersonation". Please heart it if you like it! It would mean the world to me! Thank you for writing this fabulous story.


almost 5 years ago Jessica Berri said:

Wow.....beautifully written, a little confusing. It makes my writing seem so bad compared to this masterpiece! I am beginning to write a kind of wonderlnad story (I heard about this through a group) and it's almost finished. Check me out when it's done!



almost 3 years ago Alexander LeBlanc said:

Hey, not gonna lie; this is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever read on this website in a long time. Your way of creating imagery and playing with just a simple idea is amazing! I had a feeling that this woman was in a dream world yes but that's what made it so beautiful. This story doesn't just have to apply to foster kids also; like I can relate to this because I understand what the girl is feeling.

All in all, fantastic piece!


almost 3 years ago Samantha Liebreich said:

This was the first piece I have read on this website. Very interesting, very good. Your writing style is quite unique. The first paragraph was hard to follow, probably because it was not what I was expecting. Is the foster home literal or metaphorical?