Ending with You

Ending with You

13 chapters / 5427 words

Approximately 27 minutes to read


With only a few months left to live, will Carrie be able to open up her heart to a beautiful stranger?
**This used to be a fanfic, but it is no longer a fanfic...it just wasn't working out and I wanted this story to be open to anyone :)***
The GORGEOUS cover credit goes to the lovely S.J. Bouquet



over 4 years ago Daniel V said:

Sorry I haven't read iron a while but I'm glad you added another three chapters!! You are still doing a marvellous job at capturing the feelings and the reality of your story. Also I'm not a huge one direction fan, but the way you portray Harry makes is astronomically hard to not root for the guy. Keep up the writing


almost 5 years ago rebecca runions said:

I read up to chapter 3, and thought that it was beautifully written. LOVED IT!


almost 5 years ago Krystal Fragoso said:

Very nice. I love your characters and love the plot line so far. Can't wait to read more! Great job!


almost 5 years ago Diana Bautista said:

I like it. Can't wait for the next update! =D



about 4 years ago TaintedBlue said:

I love the prologue, after you finished reading it, you wanted to continue to read and find out why she/he only has a few months to live. When you read Cursed, you finally understand why though, maybe you could of let the suspense build up a little bit, but still you did still have me wanting to read more, just not as much as when I read the prologue. You kind of seem to rush things a little in here, BUT, it’s still a good story none the less! I really did enjoy the read, thank you for the opportunity! :D

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almost 5 years ago Kaitlyn Carpenter said:

I read up through chapter 4. I think the idea is beautiful, but it needed stronger tone and description, and I think it got a bit cheesy in places. I read that this was not done, though, so definitely keep playing with it, it has potential!