The Detective

The Detective

1 chapter / 610 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


It's a rather sharp letter opener, not a knife.


Writing, Comedy, Drama


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over 4 years ago Holli said:

At first you started to believe that he was a Private eye, and you were just a normal person, but then the tables turned...


almost 5 years ago Bekah Stogner said:

I loved your character's voice and the descriptions. Wow. Awesome job!


almost 5 years ago Skye said:

Very unique. I like it!

Heather av

almost 5 years ago Heather James said:

This has a great opening line! I loved the way this was written, it was unique and it made me giggle. I thought that the use of the letter opener was very clever too.



almost 5 years ago Ashley Nikole said:

I really loved the character's narration, and point of view. Well done indeed. It was so unique of a story, another thing I really admired in this work. I also loved the almost comical British goings on in this short story, it made a potentially scary situation rather funny I found. Did the man admit to killing the victim or not? I wasn't sure if he was serious! But so good, I loved the rich elements of the story. Bravo!


almost 5 years ago I Am The Dark Lord Satan said:

Wow! This was a really, really good read:D