This Is Just A Dream {One Direction}

This Is Just A Dream {One Direction}

29 chapters / 61144 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Claire Plafir isn't what you would call a normal girl. She isn't normal. Claire is schizophrenic and she's been haunted by an apparition named Janelle since she was 7. Janelle has been awful to her, taunting her and forcing her to do things she hasn't wanted to. For 9 years, Claire's best friend Louis Tomlinson, was her rock, her safe place and when she was near him, Janelle would quiet. But after Louis went away to the X Factor, Janelle was much worse. Once Claire meets up with Louis, will Janelle stay silent? Or will she have grown stronger? And what about this boy Claire meets in a field, every time she dreams at night? When she finds out he's not only in her dreams, will he be able to also rescue her from her not-such-a-fairytale-life in reality? Or is the place of peace and security just a dream?



about 4 years ago Lauren Fricke said:

That was so adorable! I'm not really into Harry fanfics (more of a Niall girl), but this was really good. I'll definitely be reading the rest of the series when I have the time. Bravo!

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over 4 years ago fireboltstarx360 said:

interesting topic, nice approach, and overall, I liked this story!

Ceejay (profile pic)

almost 5 years ago Anastasia Rose said:

I am unable to read the preface as it says it needs an access code, however it seems I am able to load/read the other chapters. If you could try and fix it, then it would be much appreciated.

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about 5 years ago Alexis_xD said:

OMG!! Best Freakin' story ever!!!!! I was starting to tear up when he gave her the promise ring!!!! Keep on writing


Ceejay (profile pic)

almost 5 years ago Anastasia Rose said:

Thanks for fixing the preface. I really loved this story, it was well written and flows nicely. It has emotions that are easy to connect to. Thank you for writing such a brilliant story. The ending was fantastic and really sweet. It was seriously one the best stories that I have ever read on figment. Definitely going on my recommended list. :)