Tea Leaves

Tea Leaves

1 chapter / 951 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


© Finding your own place in the world can be hard when you have no one to help you.


Short Story, Romance


29:01:2015 rwstriped

over 4 years ago Alyssa Carlier said:

The first paragraph just drew me write in. Your word choice and style was so poetic, it really let me connect with her sadness. I love the names too. Well done!


over 4 years ago Jack Tee said:

this was really well written, but really sad :( (not that thats a bad thing)


over 4 years ago Leila Archer said:

This is fairly well written. The name of the character Lheyla is weird, and there's some tense-shifting, but it's not bad. :)


over 4 years ago Cadet Nightingale said:

Really good!it is so sad :(



over 4 years ago Hannah Geene said:

It was a bit confusing and felt jumbled slightly but I'm not really sure how to fix that... Maybe that's just how the piece is supposed to feel, since I actually over all quite liked it.

There was only one thing that really jumped out at me, but I'm not sure if it's an error (it's probably more of a typo); "somebodys" I'm not sure if perhaps you meant somebody's.

2014_4 _ 8

over 4 years ago V.A King said:

First of all, I just wanted to say I loved this! I was very unclear at what was going on at some points. I wasn't sure if it was a Flashback still, or if you had jumped back to present time. When you told about Asher's accident, and how Lheyla was sitting on the roof of the car. I got very confused when you said they got hit, and how everything tumbled.. I don't know, it's still very unclear. Overall I really liked this. Congrats on winning 2nd place!

~ Virginia A. King