Journey to Manancanter

Journey to Manancanter

1 chapter / 297 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Well as fate would have it I've gotten into a bit of trouble...again. I swear though it wasn't as bad as they say, unfortunately now I have to pay the punishment.


Writing, Comedy, Fantasy



almost 3 years ago Sydney Moore said:

Love! The way it's written Is my favorite it's like the main character is talking to the reader! Great job really pulled me into the story


almost 4 years ago Lamia Rahman said:

It was great love the character

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almost 5 years ago Megan Myers said:

I love how you wrote this story! It was so unique and made the story easy to read/get drawn into. I would love if you continued it :)


almost 5 years ago Lauren Michelle said:

I love the personality of our narrator! xD



almost 5 years ago cloudburstt said:

Funny! Made me smile (which is quite rare, let me tell you). Um-small pet peeves: your grammar's a bit off at certain spots, some sentences need a bit more complex punctuation like hyphens for interjection and so on. I think you can make this already funny piece by adding dialogue from the outside world because right now it's quite funny but I think it can be funnier if you make it a bit more spontaneous (if that's even possible with a story like this lmao). Other than that, it's really good.


almost 5 years ago Tiffany Hardin said:

It's nice, and would do great as a monologue. If you take Theatre you should certainly consider performing it! The style is something I haven't seen before but I like it, despite that. :D