From the Ashes

From the Ashes

16 chapters / 19824 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


Caution: I am currently rereading and editing this story, so if you notice changes, do not fret!
Cover Made by: Noelle Alabaster
Anna Linn had a normal life, but everything changed. Now she has to find a haven for her baby brother and baby cousin. She is met with various obstacles; human eating country loving people, mutants, and a long lost lover. Will she triumph or will she fall?


Adventure, Romance, Novel



over 4 years ago v.c. snow said:

Here's some titles you could maybe use for this:

1: Armageddon

2: Day of Reckoning

Or maybe just keep it simple... 3: Doomsday

Just think of anything that describes the overall plot/story line of your book. In this case, doomsday. Google searching might also help. :)



over 4 years ago Crystal Woolf said:

I know it can be difficult to write dreams down and transform them into stories since I do it all of the time but I feel as if this story doesn't make very much sense. At times dreams do not make sense either so I cannot entirely blame you for that although I wish you had organized things a bit more. Her constant rushing everywhere to get everyone was probably the most confusing part I ran across and then of course her changing her outfit. Why was she changing her outfit if she was in a hurry? Sorry that didn't really make sense to me. Another way I can see for you to improve this story is to add more detail to your writing making it appear to skip around less. On top of this the character's thoughts would be nice to know some of the time. Yes, I am aware that you do have them there at times but I believe that you can use the thoughts to explain what is happening in a smoother way than just chucking the information at the reader. Again I am aware that dreams are typically a little more fast paced so that is when you fix them to make sense to the reader.


over 4 years ago Ashley Hulgan said:

Thanks, that's what I wanted, and I'm going to explain her parents' death in a dream she has, she remembers it. Thanks alot!