The Homecoming War

The Homecoming War

1 chapter / 4565 words

Approximately 23 minutes to read


THE HOMECOMING WAR pits the established social order of Fairview High against newcomers from Union Bay who are temporarily merged into their school from the wrong side of the tracks. The football team benefits from the added talent, but when some popular Fairview girls look for new talent as well it touches off a battle with those who want to climb the old social ladder in this nostalgic look at high school life before the days of the internet and cell phones.
Popularity is up for grabs in the blended school with the Homecoming dance to set the social order for the rest of the year. Suzanne will be fine if she sticks with David, her popular Fairview boyfriend, but her best friend Patti encourages checking out the new blood. Suzanne feels out of place with all the new kids in the school but her eye is drawn to Clint, a Union Bay football player. Melanie seeks to profit by making the moves on David in a social climbing scheme to ostracize Suzanne from the Fairview clique. Will Suzanne play it safe and insulate herself in her popularity and daddy’s money, or will she reach out for love and friendship where she finds it to be true?
The football players unknowingly challenge Melanie’s plan to freeze Union Bay from the social order when their hilarious hijinks create a bond both on and off the field. Their football talent also spurs a winning streak that tickles the town’s fancy and gives a boost to proponents of merging the school districts permanently. Suzanne’s father is dead set against the merger since he stands to profit by rebuilding the Union Bay school. He has a natural ally in Bozzotto, the vice principal, who does not want to see a reduction in administrative positions. With help from Melanie they manage to get the best Union Bay players suspended from the Homecoming game in hopes that a loss will dampen enthusiasm for redistricting. Not satisfied, Melanie plots to frame Clint in a drug deal gone bad, while Suzanne’s father cooks up an arson plot that unwittingly traps Suzanne in the flames. Clint is no longer the boy from the wrong side of town, but now the only one who can save her.


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about 1 year ago Cliff Boyle said:

Geena, I plan to add some chapters so you can read more. The novel is finished, but I don't want to give any of the plot away.


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Smoky crater

about 6 years ago Meghana said:

Hilarious, with lots of voice so far. I'm very curious and dying to know what happens next!

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about 5 years ago Stefani Dunham said:

The storyline is great, but the description is a bit long.