Ruhk's Rising; (Phoenix Elite # 2)

Ruhk's Rising; (Phoenix Elite # 2)

3 chapters / 6663 words

Approximately 33 minutes to read


Excerpts from upcoming release Ruhk's Rising will be posted here. Ruhk's Rising will be released in Feb 2013



over 4 years ago Krista said:

i read the first chapter and i love it!(: great job on it and i plan on reading the rest!


almost 5 years ago A.G. Wade said:

Oh my dear goodness...that is just saaaaaad. :O I definitely want to find out what happens, and how this is happening, and... oh dang. Also, I failed to mention in my other comment about how I loooooove the way you made the 'Phoenixes' people with fire running in their veins instead of the mythical bird (though I like that too! hehehe). I hope to see these filling a lot of bookshelves! ;)


almost 5 years ago Bryce Simon said:

This was great. I haven't read the first one but this could stand alone. The pain of both characters flowed seamlessly and felt very real. Such a tragedy, but you described it well. Just you were with mine, I am wanting more answers as to who these people are, etc. but I'm sure they are all answered in the previous text. Thanks so much for your helpful review by the way! It's what makes me love this site! Thanks! Great job!


about 5 years ago Samantha Olivia said:

Wow! This is fantastic! Not something that I would normally read, but this pulled me in right away! Well done, and good luck!


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