Her Revenge like Love

Her Revenge like Love

12 chapters / 13383 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Two creatures fall in love in search for a gem that leads to chaos in both worlds.


Writing, Fantasy, Romance



almost 3 years ago selfie said:

Wonderful really its a really good story and the way you formed it was beautiful! I don't wish to change any of it:) By the way I also like the cover!Good Job keep writing....


almost 5 years ago Ashlee said:

Nice descriptions. I love the feel/air of the story. Very nicely done, Ash


almost 5 years ago Bookaholic said:

This was a nice story. I liked the the mystery and tension that was riddled throughout it. There were some grammatical errors but they were small. Great Job,


almost 5 years ago Kayy said:

Beautifully written! Excellent work.



almost 5 years ago Luna Tiny said:

I have finally gotten around to reading your story- sorry it took me so long, and I also apologize that I only had time to read the first chapter. I can say this: you were very vague with your descriptions of what had happened and what is happening and don't do much to make up for it with character descriptions. There is no emotion in the piece; merely facts. I do like your word choice, but that's nothing if you can't show who the characters are.

Also, there were a few grammatical errors; I would suggest running through it again and trying to repair them. A comma here and there would probably fix most of it.

The flow was choppy and hard to follow; you use the same sentence structure far too often. A reader needs to really be pulled into the story by a good plot line and flow- I feel that you could improve on this.

Anyways, it was still a decent read. I'm sorry again that it took me so long and that I couldn't read the entire thing. I'll try again some other time. Happy Writing!

Allyn 11.13

almost 5 years ago Allyn Goodrich said:

You contacted me because you were, and presumably still are, interested in a swap. I personally am much more interested in interpretive literature, so I didn't love this piece. The idea was a little bit undeveloped: I would have liked more back-story on the stone itself as well as some more twists to the war. The extraneous descriptive words and repeating sentence structure made the flow quite choppy. The piece needs another good proofreading or two. Overall, I would not purchase this piece, although with some further plot development, there are probably plenty who would. Obviously, from your heart count there are readers who enjoyed it, so keep it up! If you would still like to return the swap, please choose anything from my wall.