The Three Warriors

The Three Warriors

2 chapters / 1304 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


(My first novel on figment)
When Peter and Jerry decides to help their best friend Dennis escape from the orphanage, they had never expected to find out what they did. Can three thirteen year olds save their kingdom?


Writing, Adventure, Novel



over 4 years ago Monika Mohapatra said:

I was swept away by your writing.They are really good.Your writings add fuel to my curiosity level.Please do write more and complete it.....


about 5 years ago Emily Swiers said:

Great details, you set up the environment and setting of your story very well. Good job, it sounds like it has a lot of potential.


about 5 years ago Leafwing said:

Very nice descriptions so far; I can picture the setting easily. I think you set up the past of some of the characters nicely, and I'm intrigued to see where this will go. I hope you continue this!

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about 5 years ago Theresa Rose said:

I liked this! Your writing is really good and it was pretty interesting! I'd love to read more of it!! :D



about 5 years ago Alyianna Baggins said:

Not bad. You do need to work on some grammar there. For example, there is no such word as "huger", however much I wish there could be (it sounds cool, okay? :P). And the part where you're talking about the poor boy's friends...I think you should seperate them with slashes because it almost seems as if Jerry, the swordsmith's son is the future king. :P