A Mermaid's Tale

A Mermaid's Tale

8 chapters / 7281 words

Approximately 36 minutes to read


A Mermaid's Tale is a story about a young girl named Noella Lopez who lives by the shores of South Beach in Miami, Florida. Although
living in one of the wealthiest cities and how high class everyone lives, with fashion and pop culture as the main lifestyle, Noella's life is simple and boring. Overprotective parents, an annoying little brother, and with no space or privacy, Noella wants a different life, one that is energetic and interesting for once. One night she sneaks out to a falling star celebration with her two best friends, Sarai and Jonathan, and seconds before the shooting star arrives, the trio decides to make the best wish they can possibly make which has Noella thinking of something unusual and extraordinary. One year later, on her sixteenth birthday as she takes a dive into the ocean for a morning swim, she is floated back to shore to only discover that she has turned into a mermaid. Frightened of the surprising change, she decides to re-evaluate with Jonathan and Sarai on the wishes they made that night the year before. Now that she finally has a boyfriend, Noella is afraid that he won’t accept her the way she will become once she touches water. But once her boyfriend Jason finds out, feeling strange and confused about her magical transformation, he leaves her, and ends up going out with another girl Jasmine, who is actually manipulative. Noella will do anything she can, with the help of her friends to win back the one she loves, and prove to him that she’s the one. With the powers of she also holds as a mermaid, she can see into the past, present, and future and see how badly Jasmine treats him, putting him under a sick love spell. Noella wants to be the girl to prove to Jason that although she is also a mermaid, that she will always be true to her heart.


Fantasy, Romance, Novel



over 2 years ago Sirena Lopez said:

Thank you to EVERYONE who has liked, commented or reviewed my story "A Mermaid's Tale". It has been well over four years since I've last typed up this magical, fairytale story, and I hope to continue this story and end it with the beautiful ending the main character, Noella, deserves! Stay tuned! - Mermaid

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almost 4 years ago Shammi said:

This is just a very beautiful story!! I love your cover design...And if possible can you check out my new poem, Looking into Your Eyes? Thank you (:

Cool owl

over 4 years ago Amaros Gwyndwill said:

That's so funny! Please Write MORE!

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almost 6 years ago Cerpcake said:

I love it


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almost 6 years ago Cerpcake said:

Sometimes you used shorts in the text like for example: Noella had LI'L brother. do u get it? Otherwise it was super cool. I wish i had the access code for the eighth chapter…


about 6 years ago Chocolate Mousse said:

Bear in mind that I've only read the first page, but this is my review:

It reads like an essay. I can imagine the main character writing this for her English class. When I read this, I don't feel as if I'm there with the characters - you aren't being descriptive enough.

Compare these sentences: 1. "I was at the beach, with my boyfriend Joseph. I'd sneaked out of my house, so I was hoping that my mom wouldn't be too mad at me." 2. "The waves crashed onto the beach, leaving a salty tang in the air and wet sand that kids drew their names in, giggling and darting to their friends when the water rushed back. Joseph's arm was warm around my bare shoulders, and I leaned closer to him. 'Did your mom let you come?' he asks, whispering in my ear. I feel a stab of guilt. 'No, I sneaked out,' I say, shaking my head."

What I read of your story is like the first sentence. It's not interesting - I want to feel as if I'm on the beach, watching the shooting star, not as if I'm in a classroom doodling on my math notes while I half-listen to a classmate reciting her English essay.