1 chapter / 500 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


*Entry for the Seventeen Contest* Cover done by Erie Rose. (500 word limit) After going to a party, Sarah encounters her brother's friend and winds up being sexually assaulted.

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over 1 year ago Lily K. said:

Lovely writing style.


almost 2 years ago writer said:

It's so ironic that I was just finished reading a book called no regrets, but anyway this was really sad and all but well-written, great job.


about 2 years ago Hana said:

Though short, this story truly communicates strong emotion and sadness. Wonderful job. I look forward to reading more of your works. xx


about 2 years ago Ginny Midge said:

Excellent job. Thank you. It sends a powerful message to teenagers.



about 1 year ago R.M.C said:

You've got a good writing style that's easy to read. You've expressed such a horrible event in a very emotive way that doesn't try to exaggerate but doesn't shy away from the truth either.

Hunt like a princess

almost 2 years ago Dani Mdna said:

This is truly deep. It's very well written. Straight to the point and gives a powerful message. This sort of stuff does happen in real life and this is sort of like an insight of what its like. Beautiful.