Cabin Boy

Cabin Boy

1 chapter / 495 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


The life of a Cabin Boy is a rough one.



almost 5 years ago Caro Basurto said:

I hearted your story:) really liked it could you like mine? "Trapped" Thank you, keep writing!


almost 5 years ago Patty Pimperstin said:

Hearted yours! If you want to swap, please check out "The Springtime Sacrifice" on my page & heart it if you like it! :)

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almost 5 years ago Lily Thomas said:

This was really well written. The description was amazing as well. Good job. Please read/heart/comment on my story, "Willow's Wedding".


almost 5 years ago Kayy said:

Wow. This is amazingly written and the last line is still echoing through my head. Great job and good luck in the contest!



almost 5 years ago Lilith Firefly said:

This is really intense, good writing. It's a fabulous story, and I really liked it. It was very dramatic, and heart wrenching. If you really want to change something, you could possibly try to add more to Hugo's emotions, just add some more about how he feels, or about his past with that boy. If you don't want to, that would be fine as well. This is very good, and I wish you good luck in this contest! :)


almost 5 years ago Mica Bella Raab said:

I usually give really in-depth reviews, but seriously ? wow. I really loved the piece! In so little words you fit a heart wrenching story- I could visualize everything you were writing. I also thank you deeply for putting the narrator's gender in the first sentence! It's really sad I have to mention it, but when I do swaps I go through the person's profile first, so when I start reading and the gender isn't clarified ( well there are stories where that on purpose ) I just assume it's the writer's gender and later on it really confuses me! And not even that, everything was understood and there wasn't a part that was a bit confusing and jumbled. I also really liked the last sentence, it was haunting. Maybe you should add a bit more descriptions describing the ship, but all in all it's amazing !