The Birmingham Vampire

The Birmingham Vampire

1 chapter / 1711 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


This is written for my Romantic and Gothic module at uni. I'm pretty proud of it but I know it's not perfect. If you read it please review/comment saying what's good and not so good regarding it. I've proof read it but only briefly, so also please point out any typos. Thank you and enjoy



almost 5 years ago M.H. said:

O_o That was extremely impressive. The use of second person was absolutely wonderful, and completely captivating. I saw "fueled" spelled wrong (you used two "l"s), but nothing else. This was wonderful!!


almost 5 years ago Ryanne Kap said:

Seems pretty perfect to me! I loved the way you wrote it. The article at the forefront was well done too. My only suggestion would be to revise the line, "his breath is all but silent." Doesn't that mean his breath is loud? I don't know I'd you were going for that. I may be wrong. Hehe.


almost 5 years ago Madison Cipriano‚ô• said:



almost 5 years ago Adria Orenstein said:

I loved that. The title caught my attention and the plot held me the whole way through. Fabulous!



almost 6 years ago Melissa Perin said:

Well, right off the bat, the title is intriguing.

WOW. A truly captivating and beautifully written piece.

Fantastic work - you are an excellent writer!