Is This Really Love?

Is This Really Love?

1 chapter / 249 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


What Harry might really be thinking about fangirls...I don't know a whole lot about 1D, but when I saw the finished contest about them I couldn't resist. so even though the contest is over this is my entry. Helpful tips appreciated!



almost 5 years ago FlamingUnicornOfDeath>:D said:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH loved this so much!!! really, fan girls just drive me insane -_- expceicially the ones that think they are going to marry one of them... I mean please. I loved this and this is absolutely in my favorites. I mean really what does bieber, harry, and the other guys think about crazy fan girls. I really want to know whats in their head XD You almost answered my question XD


almost 5 years ago Emma Kemp said:

This made me crack up - I love it :D


almost 5 years ago Makenna Styles said:

HaHa that was soooo funny. I am so a fangirl. lol


almost 5 years ago Leafwing said:

I really liked this piece, because it's so different from other 1D fanfics I've read. You've made me feel sympathetic toward Harry, because he's about to be devoured at the end :P Nice job!


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