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The year was 2115 when the great change overcame the entire world. Fireweld inc., a major and super powerful company that had control of all the world’s latest and greatest technological advancements in every scientific field imaginable, were just on the verge of the next break through in scientific achivement after unearthing a new species of inscet hybrid from thousands of years ago. It was a cross breed between a monarch butterfly and a black widow spider that was encased in supended animation by the crystallization process of tree bark sap. Other wise known as the gemstone we call amber. Secretly a special scientific team was assembled from around the world to reanimate this new foreign muataion for futher data analysis that could prove to become ground breaking in, what looked to be rudimentary compared to the newest discovery, scale of evolution, little did anyone know or let on to know what would happen next.


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almost 5 years ago Eustacia Tan said:


I just have one comment: Since you're writing in third person, you might want to consider leaving out descriptions like "my award winning smile" and such. How would the characters know? And it makes them sound a bit narcissistic. A better choice might be something like "I flashed the most charming smile I could muster".

It's really your choice though, you may have put it in for characterisation reasons after all.


almost 5 years ago jenny linsky said:

Very interesting! I love reading dystopian too, so I'm glad I was able to read this! Thank you for hearting This Cat is Not God! It means so much to me.



almost 5 years ago Zombie Zoe said:

This is a very cool idea. I love things set in the future, and yours is a really cool take on it.


almost 5 years ago Mallakah Khoury said:

This was sooo cool! :D I loved it!



almost 5 years ago Lilith Firefly said:

Okay, so I read the synopsis and the second (?) chapter, all the other ones are all locked up. Anyway, so it seems like you have an interesting story here. You have a spinderfly, with is interesting, of not a bit icky. Sorry, I'm not a big fan of bugs.

But anyway, you introduced the main character, I'm guessing that she's the main character, but telling us about her past. I'm not opposed to this, but I'm sure that you have more to tell us about her in the next few chapters.

Anyway, interesting story! Good job! Keep it going and remember to publish your chapters!

P.S. I apologize for any spelling errors I may have. My Ipad mini started spazzing when I was writing this...


almost 5 years ago MM said:

Interesting story idea! Although the prologue seems more like a synopsis...