My Dear

My Dear

1 chapter / 500 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Inspired by a English project that I had while reading the Great Gatsby and the romantic feeling you get from watching Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time.



almost 5 years ago Alyssa Quinn said:

Aaw this is so cute. You painted this wonderful picture of a different decade then changed it up at the very end. It was a nice twist :)


almost 5 years ago Mary Watts said:

Hey! This has promise, but I was kind of confused. I was thinking this was in the 1800s by their dialogue, but then you mentioned dress and a school period, and overall, I was a little thrown off by the time and what exactly was going on. I understood they were doing some sort of project? But I'm not quite sure I got the grasp. Maybe explain a bit more in the beginning about the project and what exactly the girls are participating in/ doing! You're a great writer, just needs a bit of touching up!


almost 5 years ago Angelique Rivera said:

I wish we could do something like this in my English class. Cute story, it's now officially one of my favorite romantic short stories on Figment :3

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almost 5 years ago Chantel Carter said:

I only have one word to describe this. WHAT?! Are they teenagers pretending? Or do they really talk like that? I'm so confused. But somehow, I really liked it.


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almost 5 years ago T.K. Ellis said:

I was, at first, confused greatly by this. I thought they were in the 1800's or 1900's, since no one in our time says that for a movie. Then I saw it was a project and understood. I think you should make it seem like it's the project in the start instead of 'till the end. People will be confused greatly. Other then that, it was good, but not something I'll read. Sorry.