To Infinity And Beyond

To Infinity And Beyond

1 chapter / 478 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


12/22/'12 Love is different in real life. Crazier, but still beautiful in its own way. And sometimes, it ends.

Please note this has nothing to do with Toy Story.

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27 days ago Sarah Fensy said:

Ie never thought that poetry was my thing, but after reading this, Iḿ gonna read as much as i can. Thanks!

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about 1 year ago Bailey C. said:

Wow. This is amazing. It's honest and very real, like the real world. It doesn't have a happy ending and nothing is perfect and magical. I love the repetition of I wish I could say. I can't wait to read more of your work!


about 2 years ago Kennedy V. Lang said:

I love that you made such a short love story so significant to the MC. There's such close attention to detail here that makes even the reader fall in love. Well done.

Rachael 01

over 2 years ago R. E. Durbin said:

Aw, that's such a bittersweet story. I like that the MC is so realistic about it and tells it as it is. That she mentions all the clichés is perfect, the icing to your story's beautiful cake. It's not a dream-come-true story. Nope. She doesn't even get the guy. Sad, but also believable. It also made me relate to her better. She represents a real type of person.

I feel bad that her best friend didn't support them and that, in the end, the guy is getting married to someone else. Yet that only adds to the charm of this story. Real life works that way. I remember when this contest came out. All the stories were about finding the guy and things being perfect...or, at least, they ended on a happy note. I wish I'd found yours back then. I'd have voted for it to win. :D

Thanks for sharing this with us on Figment. I enjoyed it and am glad I found it. Keep up the writing.



11 months ago Amelia Ann (Millie) said:

I really liked it it was really meaningful and honest! Keep on writing from the heart.

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about 1 year ago Srye Fox said:

Adorable and honest.