Lyka and Tulia

Lyka and Tulia

1 chapter / 495 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Centuries ago, the Inventors created the Angels. Then it all changed.

The Angels' pure job was to automatically create the NuHue, a version of the human race with perfect traits and personalities. Lyka is one of these Angel Mothers, and she has birthed thousands of children, and all she has given to the NuHue on Earth to raise. Like an Angel Mother should, she has been kind to all but has never loved them before, and it has been easy to give them up. Then she meets Tulia. For the first time, she feels a pang of strong maternal love. How can she give away her child? With this she is faced with a decision that will change her and her daughter's life forever.
The full version is on my page labeled "Tulia".



over 4 years ago Stella Krajick said:



almost 5 years ago Cindy Ngo said:

Very sweet and I liked your descriptions, though I felt it needed more emotion. the plot was brilliant!


almost 5 years ago Claire Fishman said:

Awwww! That's so cute. You should expand after the contest though. Maybe they meet again?

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almost 5 years ago Rawnie the Braveheart said:

Wow! Such an amazing idea...never read anything like it. Great job and good luck! :D



almost 5 years ago Charming Quill said:

I liked the idea but I get the feeling that we are seriously distant from the main character. I found myself strangely lacking emotion when the mother was giving up her child. I felt like it was more of an explanation piece then anything else. The turmoil was not genuine throughout the piece. We receive too much of an explanation of what she is doing rather then the importance of the act of treason she was planning on committing. In this case, your detail into the past might actually hinder the telling of your piece. And if you must keep it in ,then show us or find a better way to tell us either through dialogue or some brief flashes or something else because it's just not doing anything for me. And isn't it entirely unlikely for us humans to create such beings? Was it through genetic experiments? Did we crack the code on how to be God? Were they aliens that we altered to our will? Did they have strange mutant abilities? If you're going to explain then explain. But you have something going. I did feel like I should feel sorry for the Angel but sadly the way it is written got in the way of that. I'd say revise and pour your heart and soul into this piece. If you take the time to not think about it so much (I know, it's a strange thought but it works sometimes) then you get a natural writing flow that makes the piece a thousand times more enjoyable. Keep up the good writing.


almost 5 years ago Abby Ruth said:

What a sad, sad story. But it did feel like you were telling us things that had already happened rather than let us experience them through the story. But still, I loved this story and the names Lyka and Tulia. Did you make those up? I love them. But I think my favorite thing about this story was that Lyka made her decision based on a rational thought process rather than going solely by her emotions. Great job!