Remember Me

Remember Me

5 chapters / 1846 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


"Zayn,I'm sorry. I didn't mean it!" I yell down the hall after him, my best friend.
Oh, how I wish, I could start over again.
But maybe the perfect opportunity is right in front of her, two years later. When Zayn, doesn't remember her

[My Best Friend,Aly gave me permission to put her story up]



almost 5 years ago Emily Victoria said:

Just a reminder I finished your cover. :)


almost 5 years ago Kristine d said:

cute cutee xDD lol will he realize it's the Lexi he knew eventually? dun dun dun

update soon please! =)


almost 5 years ago c said:

so cool!Zayne is my favorite band member! I read/hearted this, so if you would like to swap, please read my seventeen contest entry "Ella and Sam were here." I'd really appreciate it!


almost 5 years ago Kylan Higgs said:

Oh, this is great! Good job!


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