Run Away

Run Away

1 chapter / 221 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Poem I wrote for a contest a very long time ago :)


Writing, Drama, Poetry



almost 5 years ago Kristy Levin said:

Truly good job, this poetry was beautiful. Also, I wasn't able to catch any spelling mistakes when looking at this so yay! Btw, can you please return the swapping favor by checking out my story "friend-zoned", if you already have then ignore this message:) Thank you!


almost 5 years ago Writing Forever said:

Well done! Great job. You really have a knack for poetry.



almost 5 years ago M said:

I am not good with reviewing poetry so bear with me! I think that both the concept and the poem itself is well written and very nice! How you ended it was a bit cliche but other than that I love it! And what is wrong with being a bit cliche?


almost 5 years ago PLL FanGirl said:

I love this! I can really relate.