10 Faced

10 Faced

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Multiple Personality Disorder? Me?


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over 4 years ago Georgia Cline said:

Great poem! I like that it rhymes, not many here do. How you described all the different personalities was well done, as well.


almost 5 years ago Halena Sparks said:

Haha, that was really good. Interesting poem and idea. I liked how you described all the personalities. The poem had a nice flow to it and I liked how it rhymed. There is one part where you say overflowed in different lines close together. It's a bit repetitive so try and think of a different word. Also, the eighth personality should be "who LIKED all sort of sweet stuff". Otherwise, great job!


almost 5 years ago Bri said:

This was awesome. I enjoyed description of all ten personalitites. It was creative and sweet. I'll be honest, the only poems I like are the ones that ryme/rhyme. Either one of those is spelled correctly.


almost 5 years ago Emily Bruss said:

Wow. That was amazing. Very ingenious poem. Extremely creative and very eye opening to what it's like to have Multiple personalities. I think your story was well written and to the point. I was heart breaking to that this guy couldn't love all of her for who she was. There were a few spots where commas could be replaced by line breaks but that's all. :) Fantastic job. -Emily


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almost 5 years ago ♫♪Amanda K. said:

This was really good! There was just one place that didn't really rhyme when you put the lines together, I think it was "ten" and "them". You could try changing that to make it flow better. Also, some of the lines were a bit longer, just tweak it a little so it has more rhythm. Other than that, this was great, very unique style and from an interesting perspective. Keep writing!

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almost 5 years ago Lexi said:

This was a great piece of writing, it all flowed nicely to one verse to another. It rhymed somewhat in the poem and showed... professionalism... yeah, that's the word. I really liked your poem! (I can't write a poem worth anything, seriously, you can check, I've got one and I hate it). Well, thanks for offering for a swap and happy writing! :)