The Springtime Sacrifice

The Springtime Sacrifice

1 chapter / 497 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Misty's job is quite simple. She just has to bring the gigantic and terrifying monster under the cemetery a human sacrifice to eat every spring. Quite simple indeed.

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over 2 years ago windows10 said:

This is my first book from this author and I am amazed how good it was.


almost 3 years ago Lora Palmer said:

Wow! I'm so impressed by how much imagery and character detail you managed to capture in such a short piece. At first, I imagined that this would take place in some other fantasy world, or maybe during medieval times, so I really liked the twist that this was a contemporary setting and that her companion was a boy she liked from school. A boy who wanted to take her to the movies. As awesome as it would be to see what happens next, I suspect this cliffie ended the story perfectly.


almost 3 years ago Sarah Huffman said:

What!! No! It cannot end like that! Wow.... That was amzing ..


almost 3 years ago Naleah Schmitz said:

wow sooooooo amazing!


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about 1 year ago Srye Fox said:



over 1 year ago Daniel Brodsky said:

well done i hope you will write chapter two