The Springtime Sacrifice

The Springtime Sacrifice

1 chapter / 497 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Misty's job is quite simple. She just has to bring the gigantic and terrifying monster under the cemetery a human sacrifice to eat every spring. Quite simple indeed.

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about 1 year ago Ian Reeve said:

Very good! Short short stories like this that get right to the point hit you like a punch to the stomach. I'll be looking at more of your work.


over 2 years ago Elizabeth Rankin said:

That was amazing! The cliffhanger though, what's with that? Please post the next chapter, please!


over 2 years ago Michelle Li said:

It's amazing! I love the details and cliffhanger-ish ending for the first chapter. Please keep writing.


over 2 years ago windows10 said:

This is my first book from this author and I am amazed how good it was.



about 3 years ago begin_to_end said:

I liked this. Both of the characters seemed very approachable, and I instantly connected. One of the best things I've read on Figment in a long time.


about 3 years ago ShadowDreamTales said:

Short but extremely sweet. You amaze me. Less than 500 words and everything is detailed, addicting, and simply pure genius. I congratulate you on that. I wish I could do that but its not my skill. You my friend have an higher skill of placing something so big inside small spot. Awesome work on this. My favorite by far.