The Springtime Sacrifice

The Springtime Sacrifice

1 chapter / 497 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Misty's job is quite simple. She just has to bring the gigantic and terrifying monster under the cemetery a human sacrifice to eat every spring. Quite simple indeed.

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about 3 years ago Tarka Fayelock said:

This is wonderful and adorable! It amazes me how you are able to fit such wonderful characters and such a unique plot into such a short amount of space. I really admire people who have that ability. I was hooked from the beginning. Your style is wonderful! And the ending was beautiful, spooky, and heartbreaking all at the same time. Amazing job!

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about 3 years ago Sarah said:

It's short, but that doesn't mean it isn't well written. The plot is cute and simple, and I have to admit, like everyone else, that it truly does take a talent to invent a whole plot in just five hundred words, and on top of that, display it in the story in a way that isn't too overwhealming or detailed.


over 3 years ago Lenore Snow said:

Wow. I can see why this story has gotten so many hearts! It takes skill to write a whole plot and character arc in less than 500 words, and you've definitely accomplished that here. The descriptions are simple but vivid, the characters are startlingly realistic, and the premise is imaginative. Basically, it's a really fantastic story! The only criticism I can offer is that the ending was a little bit sudden. If you were to edit again, maybe you could add in some time between when Larry asks Misty to the movies and when Misty jumps in front of him, giving Misty a little bit of time to be stunned and flattered and realize she likes him back and she really does feel like a sicko for feeding him to the monster. Then, when the monster arrives, give her a moment to make her decision before she leaps. That's all that I would recommend. Once again, awesome work! I can't wait to read more of your stories.


over 3 years ago ruby McEntee said:

Really love your writing style and a review from you would truly be so helpful as I really look up to you as a writer. I have starred a novel called Nameless it would be absolutely amazing f you could review it for me, it should only take 15 minutes to read .... thanks .... Ruby xx


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about 1 year ago Srye Fox said:



over 1 year ago Daniel Brodsky said:

well done i hope you will write chapter two