Every Rule

Every Rule

2 chapters / 2632 words

Approximately 13 minutes to read


Emma and Chris were a whirlwind - over the course of three weeks they met, fell in love, and were torn apart. Now, it looks like they've got a second chance, but there's a catch. Being together breaks every rule Chris has, and it could cost him everything.



over 3 years ago Jo said:

Wow! This is really good and I can only hope that you continue!


almost 5 years ago Danielle Wesley said:

Coming from someone who had a similar love experience, I absolutely enjoyed reading this. The dialogue, the heartache, the cliffhangers, the what ifs...all of it! I want to read more. I hope you're still working on this. :)


almost 5 years ago WaitingForMoonlight said:

I absolutely loved this! I can't wait to read the rest when you get it up! Keep me updated! :)


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