Until Death Takes Me

Until Death Takes Me

1 chapter / 126 words

Approximately half a minute to read


A poem about a guy who is going to keep living until death takes him to his dead wifes side.


Writing, Romance, Poetry



over 4 years ago Daniella Serra said:

Beautiful poetry... it's real, but not emotionless. It's choosing to live with the memories. Beautiful Memories.


almost 5 years ago nikki woolums said:

I really loved this! I'm sure a lot of people could relate to this when they lost a love one, that they have to keep going to keep living. And you conveyed that message beautifully!


almost 5 years ago Jinx said:

Great job. It was simplistic (in a good way) and managed to convey the feelings of this man. The repetition of "until Death takes me," worked to have a greater impact. The whole piece flowed beautifully.

The character seemed to have different layers, despite the fact that the reader doesn't learn too much about him. Once again, great job. :)

!!! this is the one!

almost 5 years ago Maria C. M. said:

You are awesome Elliot! This reminds me of what I felt when my Grandma died. This is some strong stuff.



almost 5 years ago Emily Bruss said:

Truly marvelous. You display such tough raw emotions in this poem. It stunning how well a reader is captivated by your simple yet deep words. I like how you don't go into a tun of back story. There are no names. There are no dates or times. The message of hope in here is so clear and I like how this man is not saying he's going to forget about her. He's going to live for her. The only thing I would add maybe in the last line is to make it Because I love you. We know that the guy is living because of his love for her but if you add that because in I think It'd just be more of a final sentence. Great job. -Emily