Post-Apocalyptic Poetry

Post-Apocalyptic Poetry

365 chapters / 48990 words

Approximately about 4 hours to read


I decided to write a poem every day starting on 12/21/12, the supposed end of the world. Well, we survived, so why not write poetry to celebrate? I might continue for a month, maybe for a year. I hope my poetry skills improve from this. ** IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don't start from the beginning and then keep reading directly. The poetry gets progressively better for the most part. Look in the table of contents for interesting titles and read those, and don't expect them to all be gems, either.


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about 4 years ago Amelia said:

1. I feel so close to this, you captured my soaring heart in a few quick lines of a beautiful poem. So thanks. That was really really perfect for this moment. 46. Wow, the ending was awesome. 47. I am super intrigued by these "statistics poems." I want to read more. I want you to publish this collection. 118. I loved this one, because it also captured how I have been feeling. "like melting lemondrops/until the clattering dawn." Amazing. 120. So short but so beautiful. So so beautiful. "for they'd written her name in water." This was my new favorite. Short poetry is so hard to write but when it works it is incredible.

So I wasn't able to read all of your poems (there are so many! and they are all so breath taking, for some reason poems on figment are hard to find, but yours are fantastic). But this idea, a poem a day, this idea is so inspiring to me. It is genius. I want to try it. It must force you to write more observant poetry because your usual subjects get used up. To shorten my rambling awe, I really really like all your poetry and can't wait to keep reading this collection, since I haven't gotten through all of them, not nearly. But I'm thoroughly amazed.


about 4 years ago Ainsley Rose said:

I wish I could heart this more than once. :D

Just read "To Create Torment". I think this one is my favorite so far, probably because it feels so personal and relatable to me. Your writing is great as usual.

And "You remind me of a funeral"...The imagery. :0

I think what I love most about this is how your writing voice is always so distinct, even in your poetry.

I'll be back for more.

- A


over 4 years ago Ainsley Rose said:

This is great.

I especially loved "Regarding the Imagination". It's so relatable and well written. The imagery is great, in all the poems I read.

You are a dedicated little poet. :) I can't even imagine myself having this much dedication.

Good job, as usual. :)

The groove shark

over 4 years ago Lynne Delaine said:

Notes of Summer Dreams & The Lonely Poet were my favorite of the five you named. Definitely coming back later.


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about 4 years ago Lauren-Gabrielle said:

Your idea of writing a poem a day (starting the day the world was supposed to end) is great. Are you still writing these, or nah?

The title is also clever and really catchy, too. "Post-Apocalyptic Poetry"

I read "To the Wing-Flutterer." I was going to read "Romanesque", but this caught my eye (once, of course, I realized where the Table of Contents was).

And as for your note - the poem wasn't terrible! It was like a message to a butterly, about wanting to be stronger than it... But being conquered for underestimating its strengths.

Or, at least, that's how I interpreted it. Poetry interpretation really isn't my strong suit.

Great job!

Hearted (for your dedication and skills). ♥

After all it was you and me

almost 5 years ago Lindsay Thomaston said:

This is awesome! I especially admire the poem-a-day initiative you’ve taken, and the apocalyptic theme you’ve decided to adapt. I only read up to poem number ten, but I’m Afraid to Write it Down, The Dreams of a Speck, and Rambling With Enjambment are thus far, my favorites. In, “The Year I Spread My Wings”, I immediately fell in love with the metaphorical idea of us all being butterflies with paperweights. I’m definitely going to have to check out Sparrow’s story now, because of you! Some of these pieces would also make great story starters (just another idea) .I look forward to reading more of your poetry- keep it up! :)