The Spotted Way

The Spotted Way

8 chapters / 14876 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


*BOOK-IN-PROGRESS**Based on the roleplay; The Spotted Way*
There are two packs of wolves living in simular areas, constantly seeking to increase their territories. Rose, just one member among the Pack of Drawing Skies, joins the packs during a relatively peaceful spring, but it's not long after she joins the pack that she finds herself trying to figure out how to fit in.


Action, Drama, Romance



over 4 years ago Rose said:

Gray :P Remember to tell me if you ever want anything about one of your charaters in the story changed. I will do my best to improve! I am just kinda busy with other stuff right now, but I trust you understand that already.


over 4 years ago Gray Wolf said:

Hi Rose! It's Gray. This book is soooo good! Keep up the amazing work. Though like some of the other comments, when two characters are speaking, you want to either press shift enter or control enter so that the reader knows which character is saying what. But either way, amazing story :)!


over 4 years ago Rose said:

Ok! Will do! I knew I was missing something and it's nice to know what it was. I will edit it later today to make it neater then it is. Hopefully it will be better that way. I may even change the wording quite a bit.


over 4 years ago Garima Gupta said:

Interesting plot line so far! I would just suggest to split this up into more paragraphs, so the reader doesn't get intimidated by one really large paragraph.


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