Take Me With You

Take Me With You

1 chapter / 1200 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read



Catherine Contest 1st Place Winner
© Copyright 2013 Maryn Wosu


When Melisande Nefer meets local boy Bomani Tarik, her life changes. Just when she's met that special someone, her mother lays on her the burden that Melisande never expected. But Bomani offers her a chance of freedom, a way to save their love. She has to decide between everything she's ever known and a distant land that she's never even dreamed of. But love tramples all, right?

Name Meanings

Melisande: honeyed, sweet, gentle
Layla (her middle name which her mom called her): night beauty. (she goes out every night to see Bomani)
Nefer (her last name): pretty lady.
Bomani (Bo): handsome, strong soldier
Tarik: (Bomani's last name) nocturnal visitor (they met every night), morning star
Jacoby: supplement-er (he's rich and yes, it has a 'y' at the end. An Egyptian name.)



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about 2 years ago Kal said:

SOOO GOOD! It's really touching and beautiful! :D


over 2 years ago AmyCharboneau said:

To go with the other guy, not Jacoby. Sorry if I confused anyone! :D


over 2 years ago AmyCharboneau said:

Great story! Love is a wonderful topic to write about. I think you could write more for this story! Maybe add a few chapters about how she escapes Jacoby to go with him, or how her mother learns in the end that money isn't everything. But even if you don't plan on revising your story, it's great the way it is! :)



over 3 years ago Chelsea said:

This story is another love story that I must say I love. It is heartbreaking and makes your heart race all at the same time. I love it, and hope to be reading more from you soon.


almost 4 years ago Brooke5593 said:

The story is overall fluent in a wonderful story-telling way, it was truly lovely. It held my interest and connected me with the characters, which all readers look forward to, no matter how long or short the story really is. I loved how the way you described the little things I could imagine clearly in my mind and that just added more personality to the story immensely. You're very talented, great work! :)