The Mystery of Fantasy

The Mystery of Fantasy

1 chapter / 227 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


“What is fantasy?”


Fantasy, Poetry



almost 5 years ago Sycamore Bramble said:

Yes. You just captured the sole reason I sometimes still sneak into the juvenile section of the library (for some reason, even the super thick fantasy novels are in the juvenile section in my library) trying to avoid eyes that say "What is that old person doing in the juvenile section?" Anyway. Awesome, though I don't usually really enjoy rhyming poetry.


almost 5 years ago Maddy Sanchez said:

Si I absolutely love reading poems and I absolutely loved what you've written. Awesome rhyming scheme. I really enjoyed this. (:

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almost 5 years ago Naomi Folettia said:

Exactly what it is. Well written! :)


almost 5 years ago Swordmaster51 said:

This is really getting down to the hardened pen point.:) You explained everything as it is and that is what is so lovely about this because all of it is true. Whilst I read this I laughed, smiled and chuckled; keep writing. Smile Always :)



almost 5 years ago UnAngelic said:

This poem rhymed perfectly and flowed incredibly gracefully. I loved the whole thing... The descriptions of a fantasy/action novel that we, as readers, not only enjoy, but feel are there beside the characters, fighting along side the best! It was very imaginative and I wish I could have been creative enough to write it. Great job! (: