I will be safe

I will be safe

1 chapter / 797 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


When Amanda's best friend decides to do something that will change their town's lives forever, will she have the guts to stop him? Or will she let him go through with his plan.


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over 2 years ago CeceO (On&off) said:

This is amazing and so sad, I'm crying as I read this right now, please do get this published.


over 4 years ago AlexxRose said:

WOW. This was AMAZING! Great job and i completely loved this. Nice twisted ending.


over 4 years ago Ambre Demme said:

Wow. The ending was very unexpected and heart renching. You made the reader feel hope, then a burst of bravery, and then pain. It had an emotional connection that was strong and descriptive. Very insightful and amazingly written. Bravo! -Ambre

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over 4 years ago Samantha Goh said:

wow...great emotion. that was great. first off...thanks for allowing me to read it and I'm so sorry I'm just reading it now. I'm working as fast as I can for swaps!!! Would you care reading my story? The shorter version of "To Love or Not To Love" is for the Seventeen Mag Contest. I hope you heart it if i deserve it. THANKS.


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over 4 years ago Nataliya Tash said:

I actually read this twice, because the first time I was interrupted and I didn't have the chance to write something or react. But oh my gosh, this is so...special. Reading it twice let me realize and appreciate the repetition of "I will be safe but I will be known as..." , which is really clever and a beautiful device that shows the process of her thoughts. You have written so sensitively, touching on topics that are causing a lot of political disputes in the US; how to best approach bullying, gun control, student mental health, etc. It's short and to the point, which actually turns out to be a good thing, because readers get to focus on the those crucial minutes before something horrible like this happens, what exactly triggers people do plan things like that and the heroism people show to protect others, sometimes even in spite of friendship. Amazing, amazing job! Bravo.


over 4 years ago Emily Spear said:

Such a tragic twist. I like that you decided to write a story about school shooting, since it's such a controversial topic in America these days. I love the repetition of "I will be safe, but....", it really drove the point home. Your descriptions are strong, as is your dialogue, however, there are a few spelling/grammar errors that I noticed. Just make sure you give it another good read-through and fix those errors before the entrance period is over. Overall, this is a great concept and very touching story, and I wish you the best of luck in the contest! Keep up the great work!