My Forbidden Love

My Forbidden Love

1 chapter / 116 words

Approximately half a minute to read


This is just a little sonnet i wrote last year. It's about a girl in heaven who falls in love with a boy on earth.



almost 5 years ago Gwyn Heather said:

hehe i fixed the "angle" guys :3 thanks for telling me! darn these fingers gettin ahead of the typin XD


almost 5 years ago Mae H. said:

Great poem. Or was it a story? It was great. And if it was an angle, what kind? A cute one? Hahahaha. Ha. Never mind.


almost 5 years ago Maria Kay said:

I'd have to agree with Haley; in one line it says 'angle', but I'm sure you mean 'angel'. Or at least I'm pretty sure. Even though it wasn't very long (which is completely okay), it captured a big meaning that was very easy for me to relate to. Good job! :) I also like the converse in the picture for some reason.


almost 5 years ago Bekah Stogner said:

So relatable and beautiful.



almost 5 years ago S. Dieterich said:

All I can say is... Wow.


almost 5 years ago Page turner Jenny said:

This is a very pretty sonnet. I kind of understand it in my own way which is a good thing I think. Good job.