What Ever Happened To Janie?

What Ever Happened To Janie?

1 chapter / 853 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


So, I've been told that LIKE I PROMISED needs MORE. Here you have it people, the squeal to LIKE I PROMISED. hope this answers all your questions.


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over 4 years ago Lyssa Silver said:

This is my favorite story from you. It had great detail, and was interesting. I think it was great. The only thing that confused me was the beginning. I felt like something was missing, because it said "just like that". But great story:)

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almost 5 years ago GailNite said:


Mini lobo

almost 5 years ago Micko said:

A bit rushed, missing some descriptions. Few errors but I loved it. Also the ending. :) Great writing. :D


almost 5 years ago Nika-Maria Boyd said:

The ending was heart-wrenching and tragic, but it was realistic, innovative, and modern. It shows that you as a writer can identify with how most teen girls might feel, or think. Good work appealing to the reader.



almost 5 years ago Yankee Charlie said:

Dear Jordy,

This story, though interesting, didn't work for me. The ending came out of nowhere, I thought there was barely any buildup of such a love between the two that Janie would feel compelled to kill herself. There are also some grammar mistakes and mispellings, so I implore you to re-read this carefully after putting it through spell-check. The flashback kinda ruins the momentum of the beginning, I'd advise you to either put it all in the beginning or to cut it down significantly.

I would like to see any significant revisions that you make. Hope I've been helpful. - YC

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almost 5 years ago Antonia M. Spano said:

This is beautiful. Keep writing.