The Legend of Blackaze

The Legend of Blackaze

3 chapters / 11449 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


The story that started it all for me! I've been working on it for several years and I might need help through my writing blocks. tell me if you see anything wrong and suggest what could make it better! And I'm still adding on to it, so heed in mind it'll be ending suddenly.



over 4 years ago Cordelia Marie David said:

Can you write more? Please! I was interested in the story line and where you're thinking about taking it. It would be a very pleasant read if you finish it. I do agree that the beginning needs to have a hook added to it. Maybe a dark dream waking him from real life to the field. Or something else that will fit the story.


almost 5 years ago Jessica B said:

I liked this, but the beginning needs more of a hook, I'm my opinion. Still, good job and keep at it!


almost 5 years ago Amaryliss White said:

Wow, really interesting so far. I like how you start the story; there isn't too much detail or not enough. You write with simple descriptions, which is good, and the ending keeps me wanting to read more (if there was some). Good job!

Smexxibabiswagg (264x216) (2)

almost 5 years ago Tayo Shoaga said:

Wow, please continue this! It was very interesting and descriptive. I really liked the storyline and how it was portrayed. Such an amazing job.


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