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Grace is a gorgeous southern belle, except for one thing: she is blind. Peter is an attractive and smart slave who is sold to the Fielding's plantation. When Grace and Peter meet, the spark they feel is undeniable. But how can they love each other when their love is forbidden? **WORK IN PROGRESS**
NOTE: To get this piece right, I know I must research. I haven't so far, so right now I am going off of what I already know about this time and slavery. If you find anything that you know is inaccurate, please feel free to point it out. I feel like the plantation rules that I have set in place right now is inaccurate and I plan to look into it and change it. This is just a draft, so don't worry. :)


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over 4 years ago Margo Mouse said:

I reread my review, and I just wanted to clarify I wasn't saying that what you wrote was racist, but that saying Peter is unusually attractive because he has lighter skin tone and green eyes can be misinterpreted to mean that these traits make him more attractive than other slaves. I'm thinking now you just meant that he was attractive and had weird traits.


over 4 years ago Robin Nova said:

Wow wow wow. I love it. Please continue


almost 5 years ago Linn Kirchhoff said:

I really love this, the intro was amazing, detailed and thought provoking. The only problem was that I was confused when it switched characters, I thought in the second part it was still Grace and I was wondering why people loved her golden hair and white skin but then she somehow became black. Thought it was a reverse Michael Jackson thing until I got to the last line. Then I felt like an idiot! Ha!

The story was very beautiful and well thought out, the characters were real and I could really feel for them and their experiences. Great work on this!

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almost 5 years ago Tayo Shoaga said:

This is amazing! It's so interesting. The plot of the story is very impressive. Please continue the story! I loved it!



almost 4 years ago Emily Fortenbery said:

Another great chapter! Loving the details, the friendship developing along with the hints towards a deeper relationship. take it slow, let it build naturally. I love Grace's compassion for Peter, and I love the emotions you evoke both in your characters and your readers. Keep going! This is great!

Looking forward to the next chapter soon! Sincerely, Your devoted reader :)


almost 4 years ago Emily Fortenbery said:

I love the update :) this is growing naturally and is still very easy to get into as reader. the first sentence though is a bit awkward with the "making me feel boiled." I am not exactly sure what to suggest to fix it but maybe make it "it was so intense that it felt as if my blood were boiling."

other than that first sentence, this is fantastic... Keep it coming!