Hodge Podge

Hodge Podge

1 chapter / 84 words

Approximately half a minute to read


A collection.
Cover Art: Madeleine G.


Writing, Poetry



over 6 years ago deepshikha said:

"The best are insane." How true!


over 6 years ago Lights Are On; Nobody's Home said:

I wish there was a "love" reaction because I love this.


almost 7 years ago Zelda Diamond said:

Hehehe! Ah, the spontaneousness of the human mind :)

Tesla versus edison

almost 7 years ago TheBookEnthusiast said:

Short, beautiful. I immensely enjoy it for the distinctness of it all.



almost 7 years ago Brenna said:

Once again, very solid poetry. To me, poems are supposed to be a bit abstract, so I appreciate that about this. I also like the choppiness, but there are some parts where it got a bit too much and just became jarring. It doesn't quite flow as well as it could. I think one thing that would help would be getting the lines to have the same length as one another. In the places where you did, it flowed very well.


almost 7 years ago Cassy blue said:

Hey Maria, I wasn't sure how to contact you. But you won the wackiest title contest. Just tell me what you want a review on, by going to my message box.

-Cassy Blue