The Devil In The Angel

The Devil In The Angel

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even the nicest people have a dark side that they try to control.


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over 1 year ago Stephanie Horror said:

This has to be my most favorite poem so far. It was written beautifully and it's something I'm sure everyone can relate to, including myself. Everyone has a dark side and I can actually understand everything the speaker was saying in such a short usage of words. Amazing work, though I do wish this would make such a great theme for a short story if you ever thought of doing one in the future. Happy writing!



almost 4 years ago The Faery Tarotist said:

Shudder. I feel it to the bone. Wonderful. Dark and exposed. Yet, still vulnerable.


about 4 years ago William Carter said:

I liked the concept of this. It was very creative. I liked how the two contrasted each other, with the narrator being quiet while the monster is roaring, crying out. The only thing I saw that was a problem was the flow. It got broken near the middle of the poem, and then started again near the end. Overall, I liked this, and I thought it was a refreshing piece of writing. :D

about 4 years ago Tsubasa said:

I love how you used different words for what was within you and where it was! It definitely added color to this poem. I really liked it, but I feel like you could make this greater. If you added more, elaborated and put some imagery in there this would be a magnificent poem! Otherwise I really like it ^_^



over 4 years ago Kaaren Nafar said:

Unfortunately, I don't know much about poetry. I'm never written a poem myself. So I can't really get technical on this. But I'm going to talk about what I do understand.

The emotion was intense enough, as I believe should be in a poem. I loved your words; they awaken the right senses. Good job on that. It was very realistic, and it's something EVERYONE can related to. Because there is a Devil (I'd like to call it Monster) in all of u that might not always listen to us. It's sometime difficult to tame it, but it's not impossible.

Although, I think you should write more poems about this Devil. I believe that sometimes it's better if we set that Monster (Temporarily) free. You see, I believe in doing to right thing and making the right decisions in life, too. But sometimes-some very exceptional times-it's best to just let go and make a mistake...


over 4 years ago Rose Kelly said:

First of all, I wish so much that it wasn't italicized. Italics kill me. I don't know exactly what it is, and maybe it's just an obsessive pet peeve of mine, but all italics should be obliterated.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, the idea of the poem was very interesting. I liked the metaphor.

It seemed to me that the rhythm was off. Some lines were much longer than others. At first I figured you were trying to keep it in a couplet format but I was very confused when I saw that the last few stanzas had three or four lines. I'm not sure why you didn't just separate them into different lines, so it was a bit choppy to read.

It was very insightful, and it forced me to see a different perspective which is always great. There were flaws that need to be addressed, but I think it conveyed the emotions with finesse.