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almost 5 years ago The Sad Robot said:

Can I join you to LACC? I can really relate to this poem. Nice, but stupid parents anyhow.


almost 5 years ago MSBC said:

I love how at the end, you said that you dreamed all you life to go to LACC


almost 5 years ago Adam Stryker said:

I love poems that rhyme! They're much more difficult to pull off. Also really funny!


almost 5 years ago derpy ditzy hooves said:

hilarious! I hope this isn't true...?


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almost 5 years ago Curious George said:

As a figment wanderer, it is my job to grant random hearts and reviews on lucky people. Although I do not have any of my work published, I am interested by the writing of people my own age.

First of all: I love the rhyming. It flowed very well and made me laugh a lot. I go to a private school in Nevada and I know what those rich kids go through every day.

2. When you are talking about LACC, are you referring to Los Angeles Community College or Los Angeles City College? Just wondering.

Anyway, I hope you publish more stories. Maybe I will come back here and check later. Keep writing!

Love, CG