Violet Eyes

Violet Eyes

1 chapter / 1483 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


©2013 In a world of witches and sorcerers love is dangerous...



almost 5 years ago Nadege Richards said:

Love, love, love this story! Very inspiring and Mr. & Mrs. Smith-ish!

Young girl and her dragon

almost 5 years ago Amber Rain said:

oh, im sorry ^-^ i had so many swaps i forot whose i commented on, lol i really like your writing style-and your imagery was amazing! keep ob writing

Me 6

almost 5 years ago Desie said:

Not a fan of the sorcerer losing to the witch, but that's just my personal bias which I won't start on.

I have a hard time believing the 'love at first' sight concept, so I wasn't really sold on it. I'm sure others will be, don't get me wrong. I must admit that I am a fan of violet eyes due to a particular icon, but I won't go off on a tangent.

This was an easy read and spelling/grammar issues were not found, so I applaud you for that. I don't explain why her mother did that at the end (maybe she was a spiteful mother or something), but a little more background for the mother might be beneficial for the story. Of course, you can't edit it because you've already tagged it, so hopefully you won't find my advice useless afterwards.

Good luck with the contest.

With Love,



almost 5 years ago Patty Pimperstin said:

Hearted yours! Very interesting concept for a story! If you want to swap, please check out "The Springtime Sacrifice" on my page & heart it if you like it! :)


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