4 chapters / 18379 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


Rainee has always lived a life where her parents never wanted her and stuck her with nanny after nanny. Finally, they decided to dump her at a boarding school while they travel the world. She only later realizes that the school is a filter school filled with monsters. Can she survive in a school full of monsters?
Picture by: Avine


Comedy, Romance, Novel



almost 5 years ago Rose L. said:

Wow! I love the dialogue in this for some reason- it just seems so ... Idk unforced? I could really imagine these being real high school students. A few things- this could use a bit a proofreading, especially in the area of grammar/spelling. In particular watch your there vs. their and your vs. you're. But other than that nice set up and fully rounded characters - I want to read more! :)


almost 5 years ago Maya said:

This was amazing. Each detail suited the plot. Loved it.


almost 5 years ago Kelly Woodard said:

Good job! I really like the name of your story and its cover, it suits it well. :)



about 4 years ago Lindsey Stechschulte said:

I love the idea and how the story started, but I felt like the relationship with Cain was really rushed. If you could take it slower and maybe explain the monsters in more detail it would be perfect.

Fire girl

over 4 years ago E Bedard said:

This is great :D You've definitely made the monster school idea unique. I like your huge variety of characters and your couple are way cute. This is written pretty well also. One thing though-I felt like Cain's character was really inconsistent. He's all suave in the beginning and then turns into a very shy blushing guy as only a moment later. What happened to the guy who the nerve to talk without stuttering, not that that isn't cute. Other than that, I loved it and really hope you continue.