Be Fearless

Be Fearless

1 chapter / 1188 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


© Copyright 2013 Maryn Wosu

Melanie Archer has fast-fallen for a boy not knowing that she and him are more alike than normal. Fear of unleashing her power and loving irrelevantly consume her. But Travis is there to bring her back.

I put some thought into these names :)

Melanie: dark (she was stuck in a depressed state for a while). Love, rebellious (she hated being super-human, and almost killed herself because of it), it also means sun-ray or light (which is her power and her attitude at the end of the story.

Travis: strong (his power is super-strength, independent, crossing (I don't know about that one, to be honest).

Cover made by me!

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7 months ago Sam O'Reilly said:

I have no words; other than that was very enticing. You caught my attention right away and I loved it!



almost 5 years ago Xanzi said:

I really liked how you did this, and you evolved her fear at being so new to the world just as she finally hits adulthood. Like most characters at 18 who experience change, her emotions are expected. I did see one mistake. I don't think there was many more, but I was much to into to really notice. "As my destined soul-mate," It's an extra word so I understand why you cut the my, but maybe you could try rearranging the sentence so you can make it make more sense than "As destined soul-mate," maybe adding an "S" at the end "soul-mate", it would be clarified, even though we all know what you mean. Regardless, this was a great story, very creative. But why does she have super speed and shoot lights? Do all of the Zalkari run really fast?


almost 5 years ago Chyina Powell said:

I really like your story, it's a bit choppy, but that's okay, I understand it was a 1200 word contest. The only thing that threw me off a little bit was the prologue at the begiinning going into the story.